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Customer questions & answers

It’s anti slip, but please kindly help to note that the mat backside would be possible damaged on the concrete floor

No. Our exercise mats can totally stick to the ground and grasp the ground including carpet, concrete and tile in your living room, garage, or basement. It’s very stable when you are using it.

We recommend you to do barefoot workouts on our mat. Gogokiwi mat can handle any workout without shoes on.

Wipe the mat with a damp towel or sponge, use mild soap and water if necessary. Allow it to dry in the air before rolling it up again and storing it.

Our mat is designed for all kinds of low to moderate-intensity exercise.

- Low-intensity exercise includes walking, yoga, stretching, and other long-duration activities. This form of exercise is gentle on the body, which means you can comfortably breathe through the nose.

- Moderate intensity exercise includes pilates, dance, light weight lifting, etc. A moderate level of activity noticeably increases your heart rate, which means you can comfortably speak in short sentences

So if you prefer to do some low/moderate walking or running in place, this mat is what you're looking for.

Yes, it does come with carry bag so you can easily take it to the gym or where you want to exercise with it.

Yes. It can be flattened and you just need to unstrap and unroll to transform any room in your house into your very own home gym.

Yes. Gogokiwi mats have extra padding so you can perform your exercise, yoga and stretch with utmost ease.
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